What is the Narvar alternative for your business?

E-commerce teams choose Shipup over Narvar. Show your online shoppers you’re dedicated to providing a pleasant experience from their first click to delivery while building their confidence and loyalty in your brand.

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Difference #1

Shipup’s notifications and tracking pages allow customization and it doesn’t require any external technical intervention.

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Shipup is designed to be plug and play. Our shipping notifications and tracking pages don’t required any code.

The set up process is customized and will likely require external technical intervention that may delay launch.

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Difference #2

Launch it fast. With Shipup everything is already set up, nothing to do. Just to connect your CMS.

Shipup's offers a plug-and-play solution that seamlessly integrates within your tech stack and can be up and running within a week.

Adding other functionalities or integrations beyond the primary post-purchase features and outside the basic package can be costly.

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Difference #3

Shipup’s pricing is clear and fully transparent with no hidden costs.

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The Shipup pricing plan is fully transparent and available on the website, with no hidden or additional fees.

Narvar's pricing is not displayed on the website, but is based on a tiered system.

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Difference #4

Seamless experience. Shipup is natively connected to a growing ecosystem of tools that can be fed and enhanced with shipment data.

Shipup is natively integrated into the most successful eCommerce platforms, marketing, and customer service software. It only takes a minute to install our apps. No code is required.

Narvar doesn’t provide full autonomy on changing your account parameters; it will require technical intervention from your CSM or an agency.

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Nénés Paris

Shipup is a great way to inform your customers about the statuts of their order and about the shipment. It is very reassuring...


Amazing solution! Not only it makes my customer support easier, it is also create more sales. Amazing ROI!

French girls

Best tracking app ever ! Staff are always here to help you. Thanks shipup !


I used this app to keep customers constantly updated as to their shipment status. This alleviated a great deal of anxiety, as customers can get impatient to receive their order...

The Bradery

Amazing app. Dashboard is very intuitive and lets you customize everything. We have received great feedback from our customers since we have started using Shipup...

Volcom Europe

Shipup is a great way to inform your customers about the statuts of their order and about the shipment. It is very reassuring...


Shipup is, by far, THE best shipment tracking app. I have been using it for 20 days and I absolutely LOVE IT !!

La Boutique Moso

Great app, we use it on our store and have much less delivery failures and worried customers. The support is very responsive...


Easy to navigate, fast to personalize, reliable & fully operational in minutes!

Ecommerce is in our DNA.
Features built for you.

11 languages supported

If your business is global, your eCommerce tools should be too. We support the 11 major global languages.

Advanced analytics

Track key metrics and develop custom dashboards to monitor your carriers' performance.

Smart delivery

Smart delivery estimates that detect late packages and automatically update during the delivery process.

Automated surveys

Customers automatically receive surveys upon delivery with smart routing for self resolution.

Shipping updates

Engage with your customers during their delivery with automated shipping updates at every step without writing a line of code.

Multi-store connection

You can have multiple widgets in Zendesk, each with a different Key Shipup API.

Yes, we’re the Narvar alternative for your business.

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