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A good customer experience encourages 42% of consumers to repeat their purchase from the same e-merchant.


Get all your delivery and carriers data in one place


Average reduction resolution time

Create a unique and engaging delivery experience


Average Wismo Tickets

Use shipment tracking and notifications as a new marketing channel


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Last quarter, we got our highest customer satisfaction rating ever. Is it a coincidence that we integrated Shipup around the same time? I don’t think so.

Daniel Bracamontes
Customer Relationship Manager


Average customer satisfaction

Our features

11 languages supported

If your business is global, your eCommerce tools should be too. We support the 11 major global languages.

Advanced analytics

Track key metrics and develop custom dashboards to monitor your carriers' performance.

Smart delivery

Smart delivery estimates that detect late packages and automatically update during the delivery process.

Automated surveys

Customers automatically receive surveys upon delivery with smart routing for self resolution.

Shipping updates

Engage with your customers during their delivery with automated shipping updates at every step without writing a line of code.

Multi-store connection

You can have multiple widgets in Zendesk, each with a different Key Shipup API.

Connect your e-shop to Shipup with Shopify?

Go on: Then enter the URL of your store and click 'connect'.

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How can I sync. my Shopify orders?

Once you have connected your e-commerce to Shipup with Shopify, you don't have anything else to do. Your orders will be automatically synchronized.

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Can I host the tracking page using Shopify

Our integration with Shopify allows you to host your tracking page on your own website in a quick and easy way, with no technical development required.

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A guide for measuring, tracking and taking actions, edited by Shipup

The top 4 post-purchase KPIs: how to track and improve them

This guide is equal parts strategy and actionable insights. It will help you take control of your brand's post-purchase experience using Shopify's most powerful features. Although it is particularly actionable for Shopify users, it can also be applied to any website.

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