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When a customer has a bad customer experience, 52% switch to a different company for that product.


Get a direct access to your customers' shipping data


Average reduction resolution time

Anticipates “Where Is My Order” tickets before they happen


Average Wismo Tickets

Turn unhappy shoppers into brand advocates


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Last quarter, we got our highest customer satisfaction rating ever. Is it a coincidence that we integrated Shipup around the same time? I don’t think so.

Daniel Bracamontes
Customer Relationship Manager


Average customer satisfaction

Our features

Ticketing system

Centralize all your customer feedback upon delivery in one place.

Multi-store connection

You can have multiple widgets in Zendesk, each with a different Key Shipup API.

Chat integration

Link your customers' conversations to delivery tracking information to enhance customer support chats.

Shipping alerts

Shipping alerts are automatically created when customers experience issues with their packages so your customer service team can respond immediately.

How to install Shipup and track packages directly in zendesk?

The integration is divided into 2 stages:

Part 1: Install the Shipup Support extension on your Zendesk Support via the Marketplace.

Part 2: Install the Shipup Chat extension on your Zendesk Chat via the Marketplace.

How to install Zendesk in Shipup?

Go to Setup > Apps > Zendesk

• Enter your domain name in “my domain” (you can find the domain name in your URL on your Zendesk account)

• Add your agent’s email

• Add your API token

Why should I generate a ticket from customer feedback delivery?

Generating shipping alerts in Zendesk will give you more visibility into the issues your customers’ packages are experiencing. Your customer service will be able to proactively deal with issues and become more efficient!

A guide for measuring, tracking and taking actions, edited by Shipup

The top 4 post-purchase KPIs: how to track and improve them

This guide is equal parts strategy and actionable insights. It will help you take control of your brand's post-purchase experience using Klaviyo's most powerful features. Although it is particularly actionable for Klaviyo users, it can also be applied to any website.

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